Our Game Testing 04/28/2009

We've met in the student center on College Avenue to game test before the big day, tomorrow.  We really enjoyed the game, even though we didn't have alcohol or any beverages for that matter.  What was most fun is Hao and I (Keshia) witnessed Mike and Katrina ineffectively hacky sack all over the place.  I missed the opportunity to toss a ping pong ball into the plastic cup, and Mike had to draw a pussy cat...well, we won't go there.

Can't wait for the class to see the hard work we put into this fun (with or without alcohol) game.

All the best!

Post Title. 04/22/2009

Today we gathered all the necessary items for our game, which include finished versions of our I BET YOU CAN'T cards and other various props like ping pong paddle, balls, dice, etc... We finished the rules as well, which included editing the original rules and creating a new set of rules for the play test that include the use of fake money rather than drinking of beverages to make the play test run easier. We found a design for our box and purchased it. We also let another team play test and we discussed their critiques.

-Mike Ha

Game Play. 04/15/2009

We finished labeling the challenges and tasks under the various categories with each difficulty level (Yellow - Easy; Orange - Medium; Red - Hard) and also decided on the amount of shot wages. We also had a play test by other classmates within the class. It was a huge success, it helped us realized some of our minor errors and we were able to find a solution to the issue on the spot from their feedback



We started with researching games similar to ours, drinking games.  We also searched the internet for sobriety tests and other activities that are difficult to perform under the influence.  We acknowledged  that our game's intended audience were 21 and older, with the ability to drink alcohol or any other "liquids" responsibly.

We developed the concept of the game and shortly after came up with the game contents.  This included, cards and props. For the cards, we found images that represent the categories, for example physical and mental activities, challenges, guess who or guess the tune, etc.    We chose the size and style of the card and i was responsible for creating them.  We divided up the props and each were responsible for bringing those props in. 

Each week we have collaborated with ichat, google docs, email and text message to reach our goal for producing a fun game. - Keshia Paulino

I Bet You Can't 04/01/2009

Today, we created categories for our game ideas.  We also started to discuss the design of the box and filter our game ideas into each one of the categories.  In addition, we researched more about various games to generate more activities. We also began to design the backgrounds for our cards.  We made sure the game functions well from beginning to end by doing a primitive form of play testing among us, and it seemed to flow well.  Adjusted a few rules according to what we saw in our primitive play test. Found pictures of various celebrities and found common slogans to incorporate in the game.

--Mike & Hao

I BET YOU CAN'T 03/30/2009

We've decided to focus more on the 21+ target group  that we originally felt was the core demographic for the game instead of creating one that can be played by all age groups. It's going to make it easier for us to come up with challenges pertaining to a fun party game, which will consist of drinking  alcoholic beverages.

During the last class, our group began coming up with great ideas for the game's challenges and activities that can be included in and on the game box. I started getting excited with the constantly expanding possibilities we had for the game. Not to mention everything we came up with we thought were pretty funny. We'll narrow down the Top 100 by the next time we meet.

We also worked on the basics of the game rules and game play. Some parts needed a little tweaking, but these problems should be fixed as we continue to develop the game and when we actually do a game trial.

- Katrina