Optional: A person or a group can make their own "I Bet You Can't" card using the blank cards and dry erase marker provided.

Each player gets handed a "PASS" card before the game begins.

Each person playing must take a shot of a preferred beverage to start off the game!

Roll the die to see which team goes first. (Highest number goes first)

The first team draws an "I Bet You Can't" card from the pile and places their shot wager on the table, based on the card's level of difficulty.

The opposing/challenged team must then match the wage and place it on the table.
        Maximum wages depend on the level of difficulty:

             Yellow - Easy (2 SHOTS MAX.)
             Orange - Medium (4 SHOTS MAX.)
             Red - Hard (6 SHOTS MAX.)

The challenging team then reads the card to the opposing team.
     If the card calls for one individual to perform a task, the 
     challenging team can choose which member they believe
     would have the most difficult time completing that task.

     Otherwise, the opposing team may work together.

The challenged team attempts to answer/perform the task stated on the card using any necessary props provided or within the time limit allotted.

    If the task is successfully completed, the challenging
    team drinks the waged shots.

    If the task is not completed, the challenged team drinks the
    waged shots.

The challenged team then draws an "I Bet You Can't" card from the pile, and game play continues.

The winner of the game is the last team to give up!

    When a Guess Who card is chosen, the challenging team 
    must cover the answer located on the bottom left corder with
    their hand and only show the image above.

    Challenges must be done within the alotted time (60 second,
    Sand Timer) or until it has been succesfully completed.

    2-4 Teams of 2 Players